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Joining the JBUS as a Unistra student

From community management to dancing, from graphic design to video making, from scenography, costumes or management to the stage, joining the association of the Jeune Ballet universitaire de Strasbourg (JBuS) enables you to benefit from numerous opportunities leading to professionalisation.

Here are 4 good reasons to join the Jeune Ballet universitaire de Strasbourg (JBUS):

  1. Take part in a unique experience that will be rewarding for your professional life.

For a successful transition between studies and professional life, the JBUS offers you the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in support of dance. You, semi-professional dancers, will perfect your technical mastery and grow by learning to perform and meeting audiences. Engage in a process of creating or reviving repertoire with talented choreographers. Express your skills both artistically and organisationally. This voluntary and ambitious experience will be a major asset for your CV and your professional integration.

At the very beginning of your professional life, be daring and reveal your talent to the student community, academics and professionals!

  1. Develop your team spirit and autonomy within a young, close-knit and dynamic ballet.

Join a multidisciplinary team. In a group where all backgrounds are welcome, create a new, close-knit and caring network of contacts. Share your artistic ideas together. You will learn to work as part of a team while demonstrating autonomy and the ability to make proposals, which will be essential in your professional life. Your autonomy and individual commitment will enable you to better understand the role of the artist in society.

Do not hesitate any longer, try out this adventure for yourself among a community of young and talented people who all show the same interest in university ballet. Join the JBuS!

  1. Let your creativity flow and have fun!

Dancing is above all about expressing yourself, having fun and sharing emotions. The JBuS, thus, emphasises individual and collective expression. Climb on the stage and let your artistic skills and your desires express themselves. Or stay out of the spotlight and use your ambitions and creativity for the world of dance. Evolving and growing, that is the objective of the Jeune Ballet universitaire de Strasbourg!

  1. Represent the excellence of the University of Strasbourg and benefit from official recognition.

University associations are the best ways to help develop artistic and cultural creations. Get involved in your university life and take part in the various events organised by your university (Nuit de la danse, Danse en extérieur etc.). In addition, you will represent the excellence of the University of Strasbourg and of your degree in the eyes of external providers. You will also embody Strasbourg’s youth, full of promises and artistic ideas. Finally, you will benefit from official recognition by the University of Strasbourg by registering for the University Diploma of Student Commitment (DUEE in french), which recognises and enhances the value of student commitment and makes it more visible on a CV. The student obtains the DUEE when he/she validates 2 UE among those labelled “DUEE”. Some of them are also offered as open courses in the Bachelor and Master programmes.

Want to give it a try? Discover three ways to join the JBuS!

How can you join the JBUS?

By becoming…

  1. A dancer

If your choreographic practice is well established and if you are a student at the University of Strasbourg, try your luck at the next auditions! The Jeune Ballet Universitaire de Strasbourg offers you the opportunity to develop dance through original and collaborative creations. These artistic creations are directed to all audiences and are highlights of the cultural and artistic life of the University. Together, form the active and dancing heart of the JBUS!

  1. Member of the Bureau

Have you been a member of the JBuS for at least a year? Contribute to the success of the association and actively participate in decision making by becoming a Board Member. It is made up of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and a substitute. Furthermore, the members of the board remain in office until they leave Unistra.

So stay tuned!

  1. A member of the visual creation and communication team

The visual creation and communication team develops a unique artistic identity. Are you passionate about photography, the digital world, video or graphic design? Do you want to learn new skills and participate in community life? Join us at any time of the year! Send an open application and we will gladly consider it! All good wills are welcome.

  1. A member of the performing arts team

The performing arts team collaborates on creating artistic projects. Are you highly interested in stage design, costumes, make-up, sound and/or light management? Do you wish to actively participate in an enriching associative experience? The JBuS is meant for you!

Send us your application at any time of the year!

Joining the JBUS as a professional

You are a professional from the Unistra

If you are a professional from the Unistra, you can therefore become a board member through elections.

By taking the leap, you can …

  1. Embody the quality, creativity and dynamism of the University of Strasbourg.
  2. Put your skills to good use and broaden your areas of action in the service of a young and promising association.
  3. Discover or improve your knowledge of the dance world while living a unique human experience.

Are you finally convinced or do you have more questions? Contact us!

You are a professional from somewhere else or you would like to help in a different way

Are you interested in our dance association? Here are 3 ways of actively helping the JBuS:

  1. Becoming one of our partners

We want to build a relationship of trust with our partners that can benefit both parties. Financial sponsorship is of course possible and desirable but it is not the only option available. You are free to choose how you wish to contribute to the success of our association. Contact us to find a solution more suited to you!

  1. Maintain an artistic collaboration.

The JBuS enjoys collaborating with different artists in order to achieve an artistic creation fed by the ideas and inspirations of each. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach in order to encourage dialogue and exchange. If you are interested in an artistic collaboration with the JBuS, please contact us!

  1. Ask us for a press article or an appearance in the media.

You are a journalist and would like to get information about our association or interview us about our new show? You wish to obtain our press kit? Do not hesitate, get in touch with us! We respond to every request we receive and would be happy to appear in your media!

Why should you support the JBuS?

The JBuS is a unique opportunity for you to support promising young talents in the dance world and to benefit from increased visibility.

Here are 3 good reasons to join the JBUS:
  1. Put your skills to good use in the service of a young and promising association.

The JBuS promotes cultural emulation. Share your vision of dance or culture with willing and promising students. Share your knowledge with them. In short, experience an enriching human and intellectual adventure!

  1. Gain an image associated with innovative projects of the University of Strasbourg.

You join a dynamic made of generosity, of cultural openness and of openness to young people while moving forward and showing your own partners and collaborators that you are there to support new and meaningful projects. You are therefore demonstrating that you are striving for excellence and supporting those who are also striving for it. Moreover, your image will be associated with the one of the University of Strasbourg, which will give you new professional and academic perspectives.

  1. Benefit from more visibility

Whether you are a patron, a donator or an artist-intervenor, the JBuS highlights your structure or your personality. We present our partners and employees on our website and social networks. Thus, we allow you to reach a larger audience. Thus, we allow you to reach a larger audience.

So, are you motivated to embark on this adventure? Contact us today!

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